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Workplace Accessibility Investment


Workplace Accessibility Investment

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This fortnight I was heartened to hear the Federal Government’s announcement that it was boosting its investment in workplace accessibility through the Employment Assistance Fund. This exceptional program allows employers to make their workplace more accessible through modification, equipment, and training, at no cost to the employer. The Government’s announcement sees a doubling of funding for work related interpretive services like Auslan, and a doubling of the building modification cap.

The Personnel Group has supported many employers to access this funding on both large and small scale. Some employers have only required minor inclusion or diversity training to strengthen its workforce, where others have been able to access significant building modifications worth many thousands of dollars. The process is relatively simple and can be completed quickly with the right supports.

We have used this funding successfully within our own business, accessing it to fund adaptive technologies for employees whose disability prevents them being able to utilise existing systems or circumstances. These have included equipment such as screens or keyboards, infrastructure like doors, walls or desks, and software that simplifies or optimises their work.

While workplace modifications are generally directed towards overcoming a particular barrier faced by an individual, I have seen countless examples of where it also makes life easier for other employees. An example of this is a lifting device introduced for an employee who had back issues, being utilised by all people on the team, as it made their work easier and less taxing. Ultimately making a workplace more accessible brings benefit to all employees, not just those with a disability.

This program is an excellent way for employers to access the significant workforce capability found in people who might otherwise be overlooked, and I applaud this additional investment.


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