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What is the Employment Assistance Fund, and can I access it?


What is the Employment Assistance Fund, and can I access it?

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If your business needs special equipment, or workplace modifications, for an employee, The Personnel Group can work with JobAccess to make it happen.

The JobAccess Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) gives financial help to eligible employers and people with disability and mental health conditions to buy work-related modifications, equipment, Auslan services and workplace assistance and support services.

Money is available for people with disability who are working, about to start a job or are self-employed. It is also available to people with disability who need Auslan assistance or special work equipment to look for and prepare for a job.

Who can apply?

A person with disability that meets EAF eligibility: • An individual can submit an EAF application or a friend, relative or advocate can help.

  • An employer can submit an application.
  • An individual’s DES (The Personnel Group), Workforce Australia Employment Services or Community Development Program provider can help submit an online enquiry.
  • A JobAccess adviser can help with applications by phoning JobAccess on 1800 464 800.

What info do I need?

  • You will need your employment details, such as the type of industry, company size, duration (if permanent or on contract), hours worked and start date.
  • Your Employer’s/Business Name and ABN number (if applicable)
  • Your Employer’s/Business Address
  • Your Employer/Manager’s name and contact details.

I don’t know what workplace modifications or tools are needed

A free workplace assessment through the EAF is available to help work out what modifications or equipment will best meet your needs and help you do your job.

Do I have to get quotes first?

You will only need quotes after your application has been approved.

Who owns the equipment?

Ownership must be confirmed in writing before approval of the EAF application, and in most cases, if a person with disability moves to a new job any portable modifications or equipment should move with them.

For more information about how the EAF can help businesses and employees, visit www.jobaccess.gov.au

The process of applying for financial assistance is straightforward.

The first step is to submit an application by clicking on the EAF/SWS Login at the top of the www.jobaccess.gov.au homepage and following the instructions.


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