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If you have a disability, injury or mental health illness, we’re here to help you find work.
Our staff have the resources and passion to ensure that you get the right support and dedication that you deserve.
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Welcome to The Personnel Group!

Our core purpose is to help people find jobs. We want every person who comes to our organisation to find a job where they will flourish and thrive. It’s that simple. 

We promise you the right fit: Right people, right job, right time with the right employer.

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COVID-19 Notice

Great news!
We are now able to resume face-to-face servicing in all of our offices throughout the ACT, New South Wales and Victoria.

Christmas close down

As the festive season approaches, The Personnel Group’s offices will close for a short break before returning in early 2021.

We will be closed from 12:30pm, Thursday 24th December and reopening at 8:30am on Monday, 4th January, 2021.

If you require any assistance during this time, please call 1300 874 000.