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If you’re 45 years and over, and registered with a
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Welcome to The Personnel Group!

Our core purpose is to help people find jobs. We want every person who comes to our organisation to find a job where they will flourish and thrive. It’s that simple.

We promise you the right fit: Right people, right job, right time with the right employer.

Want to work? Let’s get started.

Effective as of Monday 30th March, face-to-face appointments will cease and be replaced by phone and Zoom video conferencing.

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Handy tips to help you through COVID-19

In this daily changing dynamic, our priority remains the same – to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has meant we have to had to stop our face-to-face appointments with our valued clients, we want you to know that our staff are still here and available to assist you.

What this means, is that our offices are now closed and ALL of our staff are now setup and working from home.  You can still continue to have your regular appointments with your regular Employment Consultant, however this will now be over the phone or using Zoom video conferencing.

Chief Executive Officer of The Personnel Group says “Although we can no longer provide face-to-face appointments, please know that our staff are committed to helping you through this difficult time and we will continue to focus on assisting you to build your skills and look for work.”

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these arrangements, you can contact our local office on 1300 874 000. 

We’re here for you!