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Our compassionate Health team can provide a range of psychological assessments in Australia to aid you in finding a diagnosis for you or a family member.

We currently can provide Autism and ADHD assessments for children younger than 17 years at our clinics in Werribee, Altona North, Bundoora, Albury, and Yarrawonga.  For adults, we can complete these assessments over video call anywhere across Australia.

Cognitive Assessments

Autism Diagnostic Assessments

Other Assessments & Testing

A cognitive assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that measures an individual’s ability to think, learn, remember, problem-solve, and navigate the world around them. Our assessments include industry-standard testing methods like WISC, WAIS, and WPPSI.

As a trusted provider of psychological assessments in Australia, we use an evidence-based process that includes an initial intake appointment, completion of the cognitive assessment, feedback appointment, and a detailed written report.

We provide Autism Diagnostic Assessments for both children and adults, making autism diagnosis accessible for everyone, as well as providing clarity and understanding.

Our Autism Diagnostic assessment process includes a simple intake appointment, the assessment, and a feedback meeting, complete with a comprehensive report.

Conducting assessments allows us to gain a full picture of our client’s strengths and limitations. As one of the leading providers of psychological assessments in Australia, we also offer our clients a full range of evaluations and testing such as:

  • Depression and Anxiety Scale – DASS – 2
  • Strength and Difficulties questionnaire – SDQ
  • Beck Depression Inventory – BDI
  • Personality Assessment Inventory – PAI
  • K10
  • Sixteen Personality Factor questionnaire – 16PF
  • Sensory Profile Assessments
  • Child Behaviour Checklists (CBCL)

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