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Empowering the community with essential services and programs

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Making a positive impact in the communities we serve

We take great pride in empowering our community with essential services and programs that help build skills, wellbeing, and job readiness. From job skills workshops at the local community centre to comprehensive training programs that lead to meaningful employment, we’re committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.


Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

The Personnel Group has been delivering mail on behalf of Australia Post in Wodonga, Victoria for 15 years.

These Australia Post contracts provide vital work opportunities for our clients, who have been able to master the sorting and delivery of both mail and packages. These clients have become valued team members of The Personnel Group and we are thrilled that several of our Australia Post employees have been working with us for over a decade.

Our current Australia Post team includes 11 members who take pride in their work, to ensure that the deliveries are fulfilled successfully.


Assisted School Travel

Assisted School Travel

As an approved contractor of the NSW Department of Education’s Assisted School Travel Program, we provide specialised transportation for students with a disability, where they are transported to and from school each day.

Not only does this enable students with high support needs to attend school, but it also presents a great opportunity for our clients to work in this transport role and work closely with parents and schools to achieve success for the students being transported.



Gain skills and qualifications or find employment

We are contracted by the Australian Government to deliver the ParentsNext program to eligible parents across Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, and Yass areas.

Our ParentsNext team specialise in supporting parents with navigating the sometimes-daunting task of getting ready to return to work, whether it be gaining skills and qualifications or finding employment. 


Shared Experience

Shared Experience

Shared Experience is a 12-month program, offered to people living with a disability or mental health condition in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Our Shared Experience program is funded by an ILC Grant which we were successful in gaining in 2021.  This program is designed to help people in NSW with a disability or mental health condition, to get the skills and qualifications needed to gain working with a local community service.

This program provides face-to-face skills training within a small group, exploring a different topic each week to build the skills required to find and keep a job. We also assist you with your Certificate 3 qualification and find work experience opportunities for all participants.


Workforce Development Orders

Development Orders

As part of our commitment to our community, The Personnel Group can support members of the public to overcome fines that are impacting their ability to move forward and set a new direction for themselves. Our team can create Workforce Development Orders and Workforce Development Plans (depending on where you live) that list and monitor the agreed activities you are prepared to undertake to reduce your outstanding court-imposed fines and start looking toward a different future.

Development Orders


Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Looking for a Support Coordinator that really cares that you achieve your goals and future? Our team will help connect you with the services you need, and work with you to increase your ability to manage your own Plan in the future. We offer Level 1 and Level 2 Support Coordination.

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