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Cameron‘s Story

Cameron in his McHappy place with new job

Anyone who meets Cameron is quickly taken by his outgoing personality and dry sense of humour.

That led The Personnel Group to link with Cameron’s local McDonald’s Restaurant, sensing his interaction with customers would be a positive experience.

“Cameron’s come back to our services a few times, and we were looking at options where Cam would fit with his outgoing personality,” says Wagga-based Workplace Support Consultant, Samijo.

“We did try a few places, and then he got a start at McDonald’s at Glenfield.

“We have placed other participants within McDonald’s stores and have a good relationship with them.”

Cameron’s been working in his new job for just a few weeks and loves being part of the McDonald’s crew.

“My job is doing maintenance stuff. Maintenance is a very important part of this operation here,” Cameron says.

“I make sure all the place is clean, mopped, and make sure the customers are happy.”

Samijo spent time on-site with Cameron when he first started.


The Personnel Group Workplace Support Consultant Samijo and Cameron.

She also worked with his care coordinator, store manager, and shift supervisor.

“It was focused on putting things in place, like a shift checklist, to set Cam up for success,” Samijo says.

“We continue to have on-site support, and as Cam becomes comfortable with his work routine and we see that Cam’s not needing that as much, we will slowly pull back.”

Samijo says having a professional relationship with employers is key to successfully matching jobseekers with the right job.

Cameron appreciates the individualised support to help him thrive in his new job.

“These guys, The Personnel Group, are the best, you know. A good company,” he says.

“Samijo is our workplace support person. She’s awesome, and she’s very good at her job.

“I’m happy. I love this place … Macca’s is really good. They have lots of young people here. It’s awesome. It’s just a great group of people.”


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