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A Customer Centred Organisation

A Customer Centred Organisation

A Customer Centred Organisation

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Central to this expansion of offering is a commitment to quality.

I’ve spoken in previous blogs about the Personnel Group’s journey to build a deeper, more customer centric organisational model, able to offer more services, and solve more problems for the people we support.

We talk about our organisation sitting at the intersection of the employment, health, training, and community service sectors, with our customers at the centre of our world, surrounded by a suite of services that meet their needs from all angles.

TPG have added several new business arms in the past 12 months, all aimed at deepening the supports we can provide.

Many people have reached out with interest to understand and learn from the ground breaking work we are doing connecting the health and employment sectors.

This week I received some terrific feedback describing a customer’s experience of being linked to our health service for assessment and supports, before moving over into our employment arm for assistance with pre-employment training.

This movement seems small, but it is indicative of what we are building. I am getting very excited about a future where our customers can move around our services seamlessly, with warm connections within a trusted brand.

Central to this expansion of offering is a commitment to quality. Each new product needs to be built with customer feedback, and evidence-based practice in mind.

We shouldn’t just do something because we can – we should do it because we can do something well, and our customers benefit from that.

The next stage of this journey will be the addition of accredited training services, and some new employment offerings. These services will mean easier access and greater support for learning and skill development for our customers, and an ability to offer more services to the communities we support.

It is an exciting time to be working at the Personnel Group!


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