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The NDIS and Employment

The NDIS and Employment

The NDIS and Employment

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Our program is a small group, employment focused format, which we have found brings great results.

With the Disability Royal Commission underway, and reforms underway to improve the effectiveness of the NDIS, it can be easy for the average punter out there to miss the scheme’s successes.

The individual stories of where this powerful social instrument has created empowerment, dignity, and equality, despite its flaws.

At its core – the key premise driving the NDIS is the idea that investing in the capacity of people with a disability will result in an economic benefit and at the same time, foster a more fair and equitable society. That greater social and economic participation of people with a disability has a powerful flow on impact to all of society.

I feel privileged to work in an organisation where I can see firsthand the impact of that investment.

The Personnel Group’s Pathway to Work NDIS program has seen many wonderful examples of its participants progressing in such a way that their social and economic participation has increased, and this has flowed on to the network that sits around them – families, friends and supporting services.

An example of this comes to mind – A young man commenced in the program with such significant anxiety that he was unable to engage with his local community and was very disconnected from the idea of work. He required significant supports around him, most particularly from his family, and was very socially isolated.

Through his year in the program, he developed a variety of intervention strategies, eventually playing a role motivating and supporting other program participants.

His communication and confidence improved, and he began thinking about, and planning for work. He completed work placements, and gradually built his understanding of the employment environment, and a career direction.

He was eventually supported to gain a paid traineeship, where he is now gaining knowledge and income. He still lives at home with his parents, but now contributes to the finances of his household, and requires much less support from his family. This has also allowed his mother to take on a part time role for the first time in many years.

Our program is a small group, employment-focused format, which we have found brings great results, but in truth there are many wonderful NDIS products out there.

Like a ‘squeaky wheel’ we hear about the examples where service has been poor, and these instances should rightly be addressed, but in truth many NDIS participants have received very good service and move forward as a result.

It is an imperfect system, and I warmly welcome the reforms and attention to bad practice, but also feel we need to celebrate this important investment in a more equitable society.


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