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Our team inspires me to be a better leader, and to find better ways to support and enable them to have an even greater impact.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and so I wanted to direct my blog this fortnight to our team here at the Personnel Group.

Leadership guru Jim Collins once wrote the words ‘First Who, then What’ – opining that it is most important to first get the right people on your team, and that this will lead to better strategy, and execution.

Similarly, another smart cookie – Peter Drucker wrote the insightful statement ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’

These two insights articulate that the quality of people in an organisation is more important than the underlying mechanics of the business. Good people ultimately lead to better business.

We are fortunate to have a terrific group of people working at the Personnel Group, but this isn’t a happy accident.

We recruit on values rather than experience – looking for people who share our passion for equality, have a sense of social justice, and want to improve their communities using the powerful tool of employment.

We have many examples of where a potential new team member has wonderful experience and many runs on the board, but if they don’t fit our culture, we just don’t hire.

I see examples of the quality of our people every day. I see team members who see the potential in their customers, even when they cannot see it themselves. I see people who care deeply about the customers and communities they support. People who don’t just show up and do a job, but who take personal ownership over their work and their impact. People who move mountains to create opportunities and make things happen, even when it is not easy.

I see this most significantly through the feedback I receive from our customers. We hunt feedback tenaciously, always looking to better understand our customer’s experience and I constantly hear that our team has gone above and beyond to support and empower our customers.

Our team inspires me to be a better leader and to find better ways to support and enable them to have an even greater impact.

In March we embark on the first stage of our annual strategic planning process, which involves running workshops with every team in our business to gain their insights and ideas, feeding into our annual plan.

I see this as essential in great organisational planning – why surround yourself with smart, invested, values-aligned people, but not seek their input into the future direction?

Our best ideas come from people at the coalface of our business!

So, given this opportunity – A sincere thank you to every person who pulls on a Personnel Group guernsey and joins our team. To those who commit to our purpose of creating equality through employment. Those who contribute to our 37 year legacy and help us plan for an even more successful future – You are appreciated!


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