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Star Ratings

Star Ratings

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Many people have commented to me this past fortnight about the volume of The Personnel Group’s locations with a 5 Star rating.

We have recently been sharing these successes through our social media and it has been wonderful to see our team getting the credit they deserve. We have 23 locations across our footprint that received this maximum result.

We are among the best-performing providers of Disability Employment Services in Australia.

Despite the challenges of our labour market in recent years, we continually get even better results – every time the Star Ratings are announced.

The assessment behind the Stars is a bit of a contentious one that not all providers agree with.

It is a complicated model but, at its core, recognises providers who support more of their participants into long-lasting jobs.

The available data shows that clients of The Personnel Group are more likely to get a job and to keep that job long-term than clients receiving their service elsewhere.

So how do we get the results that we do?

I put it down to two simple things – our people and our model.

We have a great team – recruited on values fit and purpose.

We look for people who aren’t just interested in helping people but who want to take action.

People who are prepared to actively pursue good outcomes for their clients.

People who don’t just want to sit behind a desk but instead want to get out into the community, making things happen.

Our model is client centred, entirely focused on tailored solutions.

We don’t just chase open vacancies – we source employment opportunities that fit with the strengths and barriers of every person we support.

We provide individualised, holistic support to our clients and their employers to ensure the job works out.

We care about our clients gaining a genuine career pathway – not just a job to tick a box.

As a not-for-profit organisation – we put all of our resources into providing even better services for our clients – not paying dividends to shareholders.

We have low caseloads, lots of complementary supports for our frontline workers, and great tools that help us get better outcomes.

We invest in our clients and our team, allowing us to continually improve.

We don’t get it right every time, but because our people are high quality, and our model is sound, we are more likely to get it right than not – hence the good results.

Rather than being protective of our methods, I am happy to work with any provider operating in our space if they need assistance improving their results.

As an industry, we are too protective of our individual performance and unwilling to allow a rising tide to lift all boats.


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Financial disadvantage and associated stress are significant contributors to depression, mental illness, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, marriage failure, self-harm and suicide, and a myriad of other societal challenges.

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