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The Personnel Group are here to play our part in helping you find work, but it’s much more than that. It’s about helping you be a part of something bigger than yourself, be part of those special moments, part of a team and having that sense of purpose, achievement and pride in what you do.

Tanika is a part of it.

A series of traumatic events kept Tanika out of the workforce for some time, but with a wonderfully positive attitude, family support and guidance and expertise from The Personnel Group, Tanika found her perfect role.

“I was like ‘no, I need to do something. I want to get back into childcare’,” Tanika said. “The Personnel Group’s helped me a lot, they helped me with all the paperwork, you know helped get it done with me, and helped me prepare. I was like, YAAY!”



Coombs Early Learning manager Amie Arthur

Amie is a part of it.

Tanika’s a very vibrant, happy person with lots of energy and she brings that to Coombs Early Learning, her interactions with the kids are so authentic.

The Personnel Group has been fantastic in supporting us and they’ve been crucial to Tanika’s success.

They’ve had a support person for Tanika to help guide her step-by-step all the way through. They’ve provided a lot of training and information around how Coombs Early Learning can support Tanika with her intellectual disability.

The Personnel Group managed everything from beginning to end, they’ve been there every step of the way.

Tanika welcomed to Coombs Early Learning.

Tanika setting up sensory activities for the children.

Amie (Coombs Early Learning) Tanika and Sarah (The Personnel Group)

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