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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Maintain your health and employment

Health problems often go unrecognised and can have a serious impact on an individual’s employment. However, if identified early and with appropriate counselling, medical assistance, and onsite support, people can successfully maintain their health and employment.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Mental Health First Aid

Work Assist

Our Health team delivers Employee Assistance Programs to provide employees & family members access to confidential counselling services & resources for dealing with personal or work-related problems.

Mental illness is the leading cause of sickness, absence, and long-term work capacity in Australia. We believe in providing early interventions, rather than issues growing, which can be a leading factor to poorer outcomes and decreased productivity of staff.
Our team can provide:

  • In-clinic or telehealth appointments to address your employee concerns to prevent decreased productivity or sick leave of staff
  • Early intervention to support improved outcomes for your employees
  • Delivery of Workplace Wellbeing sessions on topics relevant to your industry.
holding hands for support - workplace wellness

Our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course provides:

Participants with the knowledge and confidence to recognise, connect and respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

Learning about the types of help and support available and how to help someone access the support they need.

Our MHFA courses are facilitated by an accredited MHFA Trainer and are delivered online. The course is made up of two components, including self-paced online learning modules and two sessions delivered by our trainer via video conferencing.

MHFA - workplace wellness

There may be times when an employee may be having trouble maintaining their job due to injury, disability, or a health condition.

Work Assist aids and supports both the employer and employee, who may have been experiencing absenteeism or reduced productivity related to an ongoing issue. Our Work Assist program provides:

  • An individualised support program to maintain current employment.
  • Support in accessing other service providers to address non-vocational barriers
  • Workplace education for co-workers
individualised support program - workplace wellness

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