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Helping you achieve your goals

The Personnel Group is a disability employment service provider in Canberra that’s committed to helping individuals achieve their goals. We support people to live full lives by delivering inclusive services that are focused on improving their health, helping them access equal work opportunities, and fostering community engagement.

As a disability employment agency in Canberra, our services go beyond job placement, skills training, and recruitment support. To ensure that our clients are able to live their best lives by finding and maintaining purposeful jobs, we help them access psychology and health support programs and services that are dedicated to supporting their physical, emotional, and mental health well-being.



The Right Fit – Right person, right time and the right support

We’re a disability employment service provider in Canberra that’s passionate about providing much-needed support to job seekers, businesses, and employers.

As a trusted disability employment agency in Canberra, we help members of the local community achieve their goals by delivering health support services and employment programs.

We’ll guide you toward your journey to success!



Support for your health management

As a provider of psychology and health support in Canberra, we have an expert Health team that’s composed of professional and passionate individuals.

Through our wide range of services, such as psychology assessments and counselling support, we’re able to provide personalised solutions geared toward helping our clients live healthier and more fulfilling lives.



Unlock your potential

Develop your growth potential by participating in our training courses and workshops. Start your new career by gaining in-demand and employable skills with the help of a trusted disability employment service provider in Canberra.


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The Personnel Group is a disability employment agency in Canberra that’s passionate about developing a supportive, inclusive, engaged, and passionate workforce.

We motivate employees to achieve their objectives and continuously improve their performance through our wide range of disability employment support and psychologycal and health services.


About Us

Achieving equality for everyone through employment, health, & training

Join us in our journey toward achieving equality for everyone. As Canberra’s leading disability employment service provider, and psychology and health experts, we’re dedicated to making an impact on people’s lives by helping them access employment opportunities, health support, allied health services, and skill development programs.

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