Service with a smile

We’d like to introduce Nick, one of our great employment success stories.

Work success: Nick has excelled in his employment.


In Nick’s first meeting with The Personnel Group he barely said a word.

Despite his anxiety, Nick met his commitment to attend all his appointments. Over time he became comfortable talking about himself and was able to share his employment dreams and aspirations.

He then worked with consultant Julie to develop a plan outlining how he would move forward and achieve his goal of securing meaningful employment.

Nick started researching the job market and identifying potential employers.

He gained a casual position with McDonald’s Echuca in April and quickly mastered the kitchenhand skills required.

Nick thoroughly enjoyed the work and over the months his confidence grew, as did his desire for something more challenging.

“Seeing the change in Nick’s self- esteem has been most rewarding,” his EC Julie says.

In October he moved into a front-line role working directly with customers after being promoted to Drive Thru Attendant and Customer Service.

“Nick has really excelled in these new roles,” says Julie.

“His commitment and work ethic were awarded when he was named Crew Member of the Month only a month after taking on these new duties.”

With his consultant’s support Nick also achieved another personal milestone when he successfully obtained his driver’s licence.