Job Access unlocks potential

Workplace support consultant Max with John at Hayden’s Pies.

John spent the majority of his working life as a courier, however pre-existing health conditions meant he hadn’t been able to work for a long period.

He’s also had a hip replacement and experiences significant lower back pain which limits his physical capabilities.

In June 2021, John was placed at Hayden’s Pies in Ulladulla as a kitchenhand.

Soon after he started, he was given supervisory responsibilities in the kitchen which included training new staff.

“In order for John to reach his full potential at work, TPG applied for Job Access which included the purchase of a stair climbing trolley which has allowed John to carry heavy bags of flour up and down a staircase, an anti-fatigue mat as well as modifications to the commercial kitchen area,” WSC Max says.

“We have been able to improve John’s efficiency at work and minimize the risk of him impacting his barriers.”

There is no doubt John has become a value asset to the team at Hayden’s, and he consistently receives positive feedback from his employers.

Hayden’s Pies say they struggle to find staff with the commitment levels and work ethic that comes naturally to John.

While excelling in his role at Hayden’s John has also been undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer and a tumor.

“It is great that TPG have been able to help John effectively integrate into the workforce,” says Max.