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Exciting News

Exciting News

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The Personnel Group will become one of the largest disability employment service providers in the Illawarra region after reaching an agreement with, CoAct/Workways, to consolidate contracts across the Illawarra.

A true regional provider, The Personnel Group has been providing disability employment services since 1986, supporting 10,000s of people into work.

From Friday August 28, CoAct have agreed to transfer disability employment services in the Illawarra to the experienced team at The Personnel Group who will take on the role of supporting their clients with disability or mental health condition into ongoing employment.

CoAct/ Workways has been one of the most consistent high performing DES organisations in the Illawarra region however see great benefit for our valued clients by consolidating their contracts to another high performing organisation – The Personnel Group, a CoAct member delivering other jobactive employment specialist programs in partnership with CoAct.

Tracey Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of The Personnel Groups says “We are honoured to have been selected to continue on with the wonderful work that Workways has done for their clients. We aim to provide an excellent service for our new clients, and will ensure that the transition will have a minimal impact on all clients.”

“We are pleased to say that all existing team members will continue working and servicing their clients under the banner of The Personnel Group. Clients will be able to continue on with their job seeking journey with their existing Employment Consultant, enabling a smooth transition for everyone,” said Mrs Fraser.

Kieren Kearney, CEO of Workways Australia thanked the community for supporting jobseekers in the region.

“Employers across Wollongong have provided great employment opportunities for jobseekers, and it is pleasing to know that our jobseekers will continue to be guided and supported by the experienced team at The Personnel Group.”

“We also thank our dedicated and hard working staff who will continue in their roles under The Personnel Group.”


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