Disability Employment Services FAQ

Q.            What is a Disability Employment Service?

A.            An independent not for profit or profit employment service funded by the Government to help employers attract, recruit and retain candidates with a disability.

Q.            Why employ a person with a disability?

A.            18.5% of Australians have a disability – that means over four million people.  A major untapped labour pool.

Q.            How do I know the person is the right person?

A.            The DES will work with you to understand your business, the vacancy and your workplace culture.

Q.           Can I expect the same level of productivity from a person with a disability?

A.            Yes you can and should. The DES will work with you to formulate a Support Plan to bring the new worker up to speed.

Q.            What if my employee cannot work at the required productivity rate?

A.            There is a process called The Supported Wage System that allows employers to pay a productivity-based wage that matches an independently assessed productivity rate. So you only pay the percentage of the wage that matches the productivity output.

Q.            What will my staff think?

A.            Staff will benefit from a diverse workforce, and if there are specific concerns about the new employee, the DES will provide inofmration and source training (if necessary) for all co-workers.

Q.            How long will DES support be available?

A.            Indefinitely if that's what you and your employee want and need. After the initial intensive training period, our staff will continue to monitor and support your employee, co-workers and you to address any new barriers that may arise. After one year, your employee will be assessed by an independent assessor who will decide, after consultation with you, whether the employee needs continued support from the DES.

Q.            Do I get government financial support?

A.            There are limited wage subsidies available, along with workplace modifications and special assistance packages. Ask your DES provider about these.