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Group Programs

Therapy for Social Development

Our group programs are all about fostering social inclusion

Our workshops have been developed by our team of psychologists to develop social skills in a fun and supportive environment,

Minecraft Workshops

Lego Therapy

An innovative approach to helping children improve their social skills through engaging online Minecraft activities.

Our Minecraft Social Skills Groups are designed for children aged 5-13 years.

Each session is delivered online via Zoom and through a private Minecraft realm, to help your child with the following topics: Communication, friendship, teamwork, compromise, conflict resolution, emotional regulation, and sportsmanship.

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Minecraft workshops - Therapy for Social Development

During the school holidays, we provide one-day workshops for children to enhance their social skills whilst playing with Lego.

These workshops are designed for children aged 7-12 years, to practice their social skills in a supportive and fun environment, and to improve learning about taking turns, active listening, following instructions, verbal and non-verbal communication, task focus, and problem-solving.

Facilitated by provisional psychologists, children will also benefit from positive interactions and connections with peers in small groups of four.

Participants will need to have good verbal communication skills and reading ability.

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Lego therapy - Therapy for Social Development

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