Scott in a reel good place

Bridie says Scott is a great asset for the Australian Reel Company.
Having a job means everything to Scott.
For six months he’s been a steel labourer with the Australian Reel Company in Marong, Victoria.
“Working is great, I feel happier and my family is proud of me,” Scott says.
Australian Reel Company office manager Bridie Brennan says Scott has really settled into his role.
“He gets along well with all our steel and timber staff members,” she says.
“Scott is determined and proud of his work.”
Having a steady job, a supportive workplace and reliable income has made a world of difference for Scott.
“The place is really good, everyone treats me well, and I get paid,” he says.
“Now I’m able to buy things I simply could not afford before.”
Mining, telecommunications, rubber belting and many other industries use Australian Reel Company products.
“We’re a small/medium business operating for over 20 years with 18 employees,” Bridie says.
“We believe in embracing equal rights and looking after the vulnerable people of our community, The Personnel Group reflected these beliefs and assisted us in finding a long term and reliable employee to join our team.”