Professional, persistent and passionate Enterprise a great Canberra Community Champion

Warren Aitken with The Sustainable Gardener crew members Belinda and Georgia.

Unsurprisingly, The Personnel Group considers The Sustainable Gardener a Canberra Community Champion.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Warren Aitken says The Sustainable Gardener has built a loyal following across the ACT, with customers impressed with the quality of work and the organisation’s employment philosophy.

“One of the purposes of our business is to gainfully employ people with disability. So, it was probably natural for The Personnel Group to find us,” Warren says.

“We’ve got currently four people from The Personnel Group. One of those is in our accounts and administration section and the rest are employed out on the crews that do the gardening work.”

Warren established the Sustainable Gardener in 2009 to support, nurture and employ people with a disability.

“We provide a professional horticultural gardening service,” he says.

“We do everything. We can do lawns, we can do weeding, trimming, pruning, hedging, fertilizing, plant selection, planting and even small amounts of design, and we have a range of other products we use which tick the sustainable box.”

He says The Sustainable Gardener is always looking at new opportunities.

“When you have good people, regardless of their disability, they can perform really fundamental and very important roles in the organisation. And that’s what’s happening on a day-to-day basis with our group,” he says.

He has been impressed by the support and commitment of The Personnel Group and looks forward to an ongoing partnership.

“In comparison to other groups trying to source employment for our workers, The Personnel Group is a bit of a cut above the rest because they’re more professional,” Warren says.

“We’re happy because TPG’s been able to find us good people.”