New path to a safe and secure job

Brianna is working full time with G.J. Gardner Homes Albury.

Unplanned time away from her retail job because of illness gave Brianna the opportunity to re-asses her career goals.

With support from The Personnel Group Employment Consultant Sandra Andronicos, Brianna set about exploring new options.

One that really appealed was an office administration traineeship.

“I hadn’t worked in admin before, I finished school and then did retail work,” Brianna says.

“Because I worked in retail I was initially looking at that field, and Sandra suggested I maybe lean towards a traineeship.”

Brianna agreed and took the step out of her comfort zone.

“I spoke to Brianna about a PaTH Internship, and explained it was a trial to see if she fits with the team, and see if they fit with Brianna,” Sandra says.

“I then met with Sherrie from G.J. Gardner Homes and discussed an internship option.”

Brianna and Sherrie both jumped at the opportunity and Brianna started a six-week PaTH Internship in office administration with builders Leigh and Sherrie McGlynn at G.J. Gardner Homes Albury.

“Sandra was fantastic. She told me about Bri and the trial to see if she’d be a perfect fit,” Sherrie says.

“We offered her a trial of six weeks. After only four weeks we knew Bri was a great fit and offered her an Administration Business traineeship.

“Even though we had employed her, The Personnel Group kept in contact with Bri throughout. Sandra gave her that extra reassurance and support.”

Employment Consultant Sandra Andronicos and Brianna at G.J. Gardner Homes Albury.

Brianna recently completed her Certificate III in Business Administration and is now working full-time.

“It’s always exciting when you get told: ‘we want to offer you a full-time position’, Brianna says.

“It’s very family orientated, there’s only 11 people working here so we’re very close.

“It’s like I matter.

“It’s nice. You feel part of a connected team rather than just a number to an employer.

“Because we are such a close network of people, I feel so safe and secure in this job.”

Sherrie says the timing of the traineeship was perfect as the husband and wife team needed to take on more staff as their business grew.

“The Personnel Group, especially Sandra, were fantastic to work with. The support Sandra gave Bri when she was starting out was just fantastic.”