Brody steps up with JobAccess workplace support

Brody at NS Engineering.

Brody was referred to The Personnel Group by one of our support networks Amicus Group.

As a child, Brody had one of his legs amputated from the knee after unsuccessful Cleft foot surgery.

For many years Brody was depressed by the thought of being unable to have a career.

Things changed when he decided to push himself, settling on pursuing an engineering apprenticeship.

The Personnel Group worked with Brody to find a supportive local employer, NS Engineering Bendigo, and also helped him enrol in TAFE and officially start his career journey.

“We had multiple visits to the employer; we discussed the barriers Brody was facing, which included Brody being unable to use the forklift and a special metal press,” says Workplace Support Consultant Jonny Hayton.

“Those discussions began the process of involving JobAccess.”

It was a long but positive process.

“26 weeks later, Brody was granted his own walk-behind forklift and a special stool for welding,” Jonny says.

“We’re currently finalising a hydraulic metal press which is looking promising.”

The workplace supports funded by JobAccess ensures Brody has a secure future and also allows him to support his partner and children.

“This is my first job; it really means everything to me,” he says.

“It means I can save money for a house and a car, and my mental health has definitely improved since I started working.”

Brody is grateful for the opportunity to work towards a qualification and career in a field he loves.

“The Personnel Group have been a big help with starting my career,” Brody says.

“And, a big thank you to NS Engineering for giving me a go.”