Keeping a Job

Finding and securing employment is an amazing achievement, but the next step is how do you keep a job? How do you excel in your job?  Whether you have recently started a new job, or you are facing an uncertain future due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are always things you can do to increase your value to an employer.

So here are some resources and ideas to help you not only keep a job, but how to shine in the workplace.

Advance Your Career – Part of the “Choose, Get, Keep, Advance” program that The Personnel Group is able to deliver to its participants in small or larger group settings.

10 tips about how to keep your job – a great article on ‘The Balance Careers’ website which include some great tips on how to increase your value to your employer.
How to keep a job: do’s and dont’s for staying put – The LiveCareer website has another interesting article which has some excellent tips for maintaining your employment.
Job Smart: Tips for staying employed – HeadSpace have produced this document that, whilst being quite long, is full of very interesting and important tips to help you stay employed.