Staying at Work

Once you have landed a job, our support and commitment to you doesn’t stop there. Our friendly and experienced Workplace Support Consultants will be by your side to ensure that you are trained to perform your job to your best ability. This way, you will be confident in your new role and WOW your new boss and work mates!

Our Workplace Support Consultants will not only ensure you know how to do your job well, but they will also provide training around workplace etiquette such as:

Work ethics, teamwork, independence, goat setting, time management, punctuality, using initiative, communication, productivity, goal setting, coping with change in the workplace and further education.

Even when you have mastered your new role and kicking goals, we’ll still keep in touch.

We’ll provide ongoing support for the duration of your employment if required. That’s our commitment to you.

Want to work? Let’s get started.