Retain and Rebuild

From time to time, some people experience difficulties maintaining their employment due to either episodic conditions or the ongoing impact of a disability.

Being unable to manage your employment whilst dealing with your condition or disability can result in increased stress and anxiety.  This then can result in increased absenteeism, reduced productivity or you may feel you need to leave your employment. 

This doesn’t have to be the case.  The Personnel Group, can assist you in keeping your employment, or help you look for the next opportunity.

We offer a government funded Jobs in Jeopardy program which provides you with:

  • Assistance to approach your employer regarding your condition or disability
  • An individualised support program to maintain your current employment (where feasible)
  • Job search support to gain alternate employment
  • Support in accessing additional services to address any non-vocational barriers
  • Workplace education of your co-workers

If you could benefit from Jobs in Jeopardy support contact one of our friendly staff at your nearest office to establish your eligibility.


To be eligible for The Personnel Group’s Job in Jeopardy program, you must be:

  • Employed for a minimum of eight hours per week on average during the previous consecutive 13 weeks.
  • At risk of losing your employment in the immediate future as a result of your injury, disability or health condition, and
  • Not currently registered on DoE’s IT system with another Employment Services Provider (a person that is already registered with another provider must access support from that provider in the first instance).