Success Stories

Examples of supporting the employer and employee

The Situation: Employee about to be terminated for absenteeism and poor work performance

The Employer: local large car sales business

The Employee: mental health and substance abuse issues.

The Assistance provided: Engaged with the employer to refer employee to multiple  counselling services for specific needs, provided education to the employer on the illness and how to best support the worker within the workplace. Assisted in the negotiation of suitable KPI’s and performance plan in order to maintain employment and bring the employee back up to the required level.  Provided co-worker education on mental health.


The Situation: Employees unable to achieve  required accredited training standards to maintain employment

The Employer: A local engineering company engaged in the contract manufacture of industrial, commercial and military products

The Employees: 2 new refugees with mental health and literacy barriers 

The Assistance provided: The Personnel Group engaged to provide an onsite Workplace Support Officer  to support  literacy development  and consolidate and reinforce  that learning into the workplace, TPG engaged with the RTO to negotiate alternative methods of assessment.