Employer Reference Groups

What are Employer Reference Groups?

The Employer Reference Group is a small, selected group of industry leaders who provide a direct link between local employer needs and the Board of Directors of The Personnel Group.

Employer Reference Groups will meet quarterly with The Personnel Group’s senior representative in the area to discuss current and planned employment requirements.

This sharing of knowledge will allow The Personnel Group to work with other employment services and training organisations to identify skill and training opportunities for jobseekers to meet the future employment needs of the region.

This systematic connection will also provide employers with up to date knowledge of incentives, programs and project funding available to them through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, the funding body of The Personnel Group.

The Personnel Group’s staff will work with our Employer Reference Group to link to Regional Development Australia information and projects throughout the region.

How are committee members appointed?

Appointments to the Employer Reference Group are made through an application process.  The Personnel Group will on occasion, target select employers or industries in order to maintain a balance of representation.