Disability Employment Services (Information for Employers)

What is the Disability Employment Service?

Our Disability Employment Services is a Federal Government initiative focused on finding employment for job seekers with permanent disability who require ongoing support in the workplace.


To be eligible for Disability Employment Services you must:

  • Have a permanent, or potentially permanent disability [for example sensory, physical, psychiatric, intellectual, neurological or acquired brain injury] or a mental health condition
  • Be assessed as eligible by an independent Job Capacity Assessor
  • Require support for more than six months after placement in employment or require specialist assistance in order to meet participation requirements
  • Have an assessed future work capacity of eight or more hours per week
  • Require long term support in the workplace and/or are unable to work at full wages.
  • You do not need to be receiving income support payments to be eligible for our service or be eligible for direct registration as a school leaver or other special class job seeker.

What Disability Employment Services will provide:

  • You will receive an individualised Employment Pathway Plan to assist you in gaining the right skills and training to enable you to achieve your career goals
  • Structured pre-employment training
  • Referral and support in accessing training and community providers for any non-vocational barrier.
  • On the job training to meet both your, and the employers productivity needs
  • Ongoing support for the duration of your employment (when required)