Onsite Training

The Personnel Group offers all employers who employ a person with a disability or mental health condition on site training support.  This support, delivered by our Workplace Support Officers, reduces the burden on your supervisor in getting your new worker up to speed.

Our Workplace Support Officers, do not take the place of the Supervisor, they allow the Supervisor to provide the usual training to your new employee, we then re-enforce the training process and work with your new employee in workplace assimilation and addressing any concerns or misconceptions with co-workers.

Our Workplace Support Officers will provide detailed analysis of productivity levels that are being achieved, and support any training requirements such as First Aid and Induction to ensure knowledge is maintained.

We shall support you and your new employee until you are satisfied with their performance, we will then maintain fortnightly contact with either your employee or Supervisor to ensure the placement is progressing well.  We can also be called upon to provide re-training if jobs are redesigned or reallocated or performance is not being maintained.

This is a free service to all employers.