How we work with employers

The Phases

1. Approaching the Employer

The DES will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business, including workforce skills, knowledge and capabilities required of your workforce.

The DES will ask for a lead person to deal with - this allows a relationship to be built. This person usually knows the most about the workforce or position requirement and can make or recommend the employment decision.

2. Proposing a Solution

After gaining insight into your requirements, the DES can put forward a mutually beneficial proposal.

The DES will advise how the proposed candidate can meet the requirements of the job, benefits gained across the workforce, and the support that the DES will provide ongoing. The DES will analyse:

  • The inherent requirements of the job
  • Undertake a job analysis including any job customisation that may be required and develop a Support Plan to create a good job match for both the prospective employee and the employer.

3. Placing a new employee

The DES will now work with the employer to address any issues and define each party's role in the process. This can include:

  • Type of support the new employee will need
  • Training requirements for specific tasks and productivity coaching
  • Identify natural workplace and co-worker supports
  • The exit strategy for the DES when productivity and integration has been achieved.

4. The probationary period

The DES will:

  • Provide the employer with regular reviews of the employee's progress
  • Source required workplace modifications
  • Address any non-vocational barriers
  • Support the compliance to all business rules and OH&S requirements

5. Retaining and Supporting

There is no "end date" set by the DES. Depending on the needs of the employee, support can be ongoing and indefinite. As the employee's employment continues, the DES may scale back support they provide, however, additional supports can be requested at any time if either the employers' or employees' needs change.

Employer support to address issues of changes to jobs, tasks, co-workers or business needs will be available from the DES.

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