How TPG delivers DES

When you register with The Personnel Group, we work with you, supporting your development and career goals.

Our Case Manager’s will provide one to one support, meeting with you regularly and developing a plan, a living document, that identifies how we will help you to gain the job you want.

This Plan identifies any training you may need or want to undertake, where you would like to work, and how we are going to work together to achieve this.  There will be things we agree to do, and things we ask you to do between appointments. 

We will meet with you fortnightly, and more often if needed.

Our Case Manager will assist you to participate in training, and accessing other services.

Whilst you work with our Case Manager, our Employment Brokers will be looking for that job that you want.

When you commence work, we have Workplace Support Officers available to support you either in the workplace or out of hours to ensure you are able to undertake the duties the employer requires of you, and help you adjust to your new workplace.

We will also ensure that you are provided with the same rights and conditions as every other employee.

At The Personnel Group, we have helped over 2000 into employment, we have great relationships with local employers which leads to job opportunities for you.